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Look at the upper at the first glance, look at the sole at the second, and if possible, tear the insole to see the midsole at the third. Of course, there is rarely a chance to go to the third step, the shoe owner will go crazy. Let's briefly talk about it first, and there will be a detailed description later: when you look at the upper, you look at the shape. Leather shoes with a particularly good last shape can be seen at a glance. The last type of the mean should be combined with the second eye and the third eye. Secondly, look at the soles. The soles are mainly used to identify the craftsmanship through the seams or other traces of the soles, such as glue, inseam, machine seam and manual seam. These different crafts are the difference in cost and the biggest difference in grade Source; in addition, the quality of leather shoes with leather soles is not much worse. This is the second glance, so I won't go into details in this article. Finally, when you look at the midsole in the shoe, you have to flip out the insole to see it.

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What is Ankle Strap Shoes?

Ankle strap shoes are women's shoes that have an ankle-like strap around the ankle to help keep the shoe in place. However, in some cases, the ankle strap is merely decorative. The straps on ankle strap shoes are usually fixed to the outside of the ankle with a belt buckle. In some cases, they are buckled sandals that may be designed with ankle straps. Most ankle strap shoes are high heels, although in some cases, ankle straps can be used on flat shoes or shoes with medium heels. But the most common is to see them on high heels.

They are the iconic fashion of the 1950s and often appear in photos and drawings. In this iconic form, ankle strap shoes are usually designed with a round toe or an open toe. This is an opening on the shoe that exposes only part of the big toe and part of the second toe. In this form, they are usually paired with skirts and stockings. Although flat shoes and sandals may have ankle straps, real ankle strap shoes usually have at least a small heel. Although ankle strap shoes may have a retro connection, They are still designed by many shoe designers, and designers sometimes design the ankle straps into a pair of high heels that don't look like the beauties of the 50s. Sometimes, the heel of ankle strap shoes is very thick. In some cases, the ankle strap is even used on thick heel shoes. There are many kinds of sandals that can be called ankle strap shoes technically, but they are not the kind understood by the fashion industry. Sandals may have ankle straps. Real ankle strap shoes are generally understood as having at least one small heel. A shoe, even if it is just a kitten heel, this is a very short but thin heel. Ankle strap shoes are almost available in various colors, patterns and finishes. According to the fashion trend of a season, ankle strap shoes can be designed with turquoise patent leather, it can be low-key nude suede or simple black leather, and the height of the heel will change with the trend. Some High heels may be slightly higher than kittens’ high heels, and some high heels may be stiletto heels, which makes the wearer dizzy. This is not surprising. In one type of shoe, all changes are possible. This accessory has become a lot. Human obsession.


Dongguan Brilliant Jelly Group Ltd is a footwear manufacturer based in both Taiwan and China, We have first started our factory in 1987 in Taiwan, And started our factory in Donguan, China in 2006.

We have 4 production line to satisfy different customers that need different type of shoes such as sneaker, Heel, boots and beach sandals, flip-flops.




Q: Are you a trading exporter or a manufacturer?
A:Precisely, we are both. We are a factory more than 20 years experience.

Q:Do you support OEM/ODM?
A:Yes. We can print your logo on the products (screen printing, heat transfer printing, gas sublimation printing..etc).

Q:About sample
A:Samples will be ready in 3 days for wholesale order, and 7-20 days for OEM/ODM order. Sample fees and shipping cost will be charged, but would be returned after bulk order placed.

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: We can deliver within 3 days for wholesale orders, and 20-45 days for OEM/ODM (depends on the quantity).In case of delay, we will keep you informed about the status and solutions in advance.

Q: How about your company's quality control?
A: We have professional QA & QC team to fully track the orders from the beginning to the very end, such as checking the material, supervising the production, spot-checking the finished goods.

Q: Return Policy
A: If you want to exchange the items received, you must contact us within 7 days upon receipt of the items. The items returned should be kept in their original status and you should pay the additional shipping fees incurred.

Q: Is sample available?
A: Yes, please contact us to enjoy sample service.

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